As of Midnight, Friday, March 20, 2020 California residents are under “stay at home” orders issued by the governor. (See: You can watch his televised announcement here:

What does this mean for mountain bike tours? Well, technically anyone violating the governor’s order could be charged with a misdemeanor pursuant to section 8665 of the California government code. It would seem counter-productive to the goal of the order to throw people in jail. The court systems are heavily impacted already with thousands of cases being continued.

What’s the reality of the situation? He’s not saying you can’t get out to exercise. Mountain biking is exercise. So long as we’re maintaining distance between each other and using common sense, nothing is going to happen – health-wise or law-wise.

Until we’re in a total lockdown, tours will continue. Also, until this crisis is over, any tour booked may be refunded for any reason. You won’t lose your money if the government decides last minute to shut everything down! Let’s hope for the best possible outcome and keep the rubber side down.

How We’re Dealing With This – The Logistics

You’ll need to arrange bike rentals and transportation entirely on your own. There will be NO SHUTTLE ASSISTED RIDES available during this crisis and there will be no customary hand-shakes. XEN MTB is going to follow the guidelines outlined by the International Mountain Biking Association. Your tour-guide, Mark Warrick, is working at home and going out only when necessary for essential goods.

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