Two Harbors > Little Harbor > Airport

With 3,600 feet of climbing over 25 miles of riding, this is an advanced ride to do on Catalina Island. The average grade roads here are 7%, which isn’t terrible, but definitely requires constant effort as you make your way up to the airport.

You can expect the ride to take at 5 1/2 hours. A nice part about this ride is being able to stop at the airport for food and to refill your water. But don’t waste any time while you’re there because you’re going to just barely make it back to the boat anyway! The biggest climb is the 6.6 mile ranch road from Little Harbor to the airport which can take as much as two hours of your time. Your rewards is a super fun ride down from the airport with some stunning views on the hour long descent to Little Harbor.

There are two ways to get to Two Harbors.  

a) Via the Catalina Express out of San Pedro.

b) On the Cyclone Powerboat from Avalon to Two Harbors.

Check out some photos of this ride here: