Two Harbors Pier to Avalon Pier via Airport

On this 24.5 mile ride, you’ll do 3,700 feet of climbing much like many of the other cross-island rides.  What sets this ride apart from all the others is that you get a well deserved break, water, bathrooms and food if you need it.  That is because after your initial 14 miles of riding including an 8-mile, 1500 foot climb from Little Harbor, you will arrive at the airport.  And really, the hard part is over because the rest of the ride is just gentle rolling hills followed by a quick 2 mile descent back into Avalon.

There are two ways to get to Two Harbors.  

a) Via the Catalina Express out of San Pedro.

b) On the Cyclone Powerboat from Avalon to Two Harbors (Memorial Day-September).

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