Cannell Trail

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The Cannell Trail is a truly EPIC all day ride covering about 26 miles of high elevation terrain ending with about a 6 mile single track final descent back down to the Lake Isabella area. It requires a shuttle service to the top. The best is only offered from about Memorial Day in May and October depending on the weather.

A key to finishing this ride before dark is to know when to rest and refresh. XEN MTB will make sure you’re guided down the right trails and will let you know when it’s time to stop for water refills and breaks.

The weather on this ride usually starts cold at Sherman Pass and ends hot in Kernville.  It’s not unusual to be riding in 50-60 degree weather to start and end with 100 degree weather at the bottom.  It can also be raining at the top even in the middle of the summer.  If you go early or late in the season, you might even be riding in snow!  See this page for the latest weather data:

Ride Stats

Min. Time
Max. Time
25.80 5 7 Advanced
% Singletrack % Doubletrack % Rideable % Unpaved
50 20 80 95
Total Ascent
Starting Elevation
Max. Elevation
Best Season
To Ride
2011 9116 9377 Summer
Mountain and River Adventures
The shuttle company which takes people to the top of the Cannell Trail.
Top of the Cannell Trail

Cannell Trail Elevation Profile

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