San Clemente Singletracks

The San Clemente Single tracks, also known as “The Weed Patch” are official part of the San Onofre State Park system. So many people visit San Onofre for camping and surfing year round that the wait list for camp spots opens up in February for late summer camping and is sold out within an hour. With no other choices, a lot of people resort to camping on the other side of the freeway at the San Mateo campground. Ideally if you’re planning a combo camping, surfing and riding vacation, then the San Mateo campground would be a great base camp. It’s a bit of a walk to the surf so you’ll see a lot of people with junky old beach cruisers retrofitted with surf board holders.

The trails themselves are challenging and except for fire road access to utility lines, 100% single tracks. And although there’s an official park map posted at each access point into the area detailing the known legal trails, you’ll likely find more. The locals are notorious for quickly building up new single tracks and other interesting features like bridges, teeter totters and berms. Some of those things have remained under the watchful of the park ranger, others you’ll only see once. And if you’re lucky, you might find the cheetah in the tree!

XEN MTB can offer guided rides throughout this area and the adjacent bluffs along the beach. In fact, in some parts of San Onofre state beach it’s possible to ride for several miles on the beach right next to the bluffs or even right along the water line during low tide.

San Clemente Singletracks

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