Southern California is a mecca of mountain biking opportunities ranging from beginner routes to EPIC all-day rides. So it’s no wonder why so many people visit the area from all around the world! If you’re looking for an experienced mountain biking tour guide for the So Cal area, you’ve found it! Whether you are looking for a quarter day, half day or all day mountain bike adventure, XEN MTB has an option for you.

XEN MTB caters to those who want to enjoy a private and safe as possible mountain biking experience in Southern California. The founder, Mark Warrick, has led well over 1,000 mountain bike rides.

When you ride with XEN MTB, you’re riding with a guide that has years of experience guiding thousands of adventure seekers on all the local trails in Southern California. Mark is a route designer and expert navigator, able to piece together custom ride plans based on personal observations – not just downloaded data you can get from any website out there.

All of the maps on this website are based on the data of actual rides done by Mark and verified for legality. XEN MTB won’t take you to “secret” trails or known illegal trails, but you will enjoy routes that most people simply don’t think about.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all you have to do is follow the leader and absorb your surroundings. And perhaps, by offloading the stress of navigating to a local trail expert, you may find your moment of “Zen” in the great outdoors.

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Your Mountain Biking Tour Guide, Mark Warrick on the San Juan Trail

Mark Warrick on the San Juan Trail

Southern California Guided Mountain Bike Tours

XEN MTB Guided Southern California Mountain Bike ides

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