San Juan Trail

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Whether you ride up San Juan trail or down as a shuttle option, there’s plenty of steady technical riding to be had here. This trail surface is smooth in most parts and extremely fast. The dirt grips amazingly well to your tires, even in wet weather, but doesn’t drag you down.

Around the top section of the trail, known as the upper loop, is some of the most technical trail riding to be found that will challenge you but won’t kill you! You’ll find yourself hopping over rocks and through narrow rock outcroppings in an area some describe as a playground.

The flowy scenery is lined with grassy meadows, oak trees, chaparral and manzanita at the top. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see the ocean, perhaps even Catalina Island 26 miles off the coast.

Climbing up San Juan isn’t terribly bad but you will want to pack a lunch and plenty of water. To truly experience this ride full speed ahead though, consider getting dropped off at Blue Jay campground at the top. Strap on your pads, adorn your precious skull with a full-face helmet and let go of the brakes!

XEN MTB can help you navigate around the top areas of the San Juan trail to keep you on track while letting you know the sections you can open up full throttle on. A wrong turn in this area could lead to a very long day in the mountains, so it’s good to be with an experienced guide who knows this area well.


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