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Airport in the Sky > Little Harbor > Middle Ranch > Cape Canyon > Avalon Vista

It’s not the longest route you can do on Catalina Island, but it’s up there. So you may be thinking why start at the airport? Well, because taking the shuttle up to that point saves A LOT of climbing and puts this ride in range of the strong intermediate that wants to try something more difficult than ever before,

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Airport in the Sky > Middle Island > Avalon

Catalina: Airport - Middle Island - Avalon Elevation Profile

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Airport in the Sky > Vista Ridge > Avalon

If you’re looking for a way to ride a big portion of Catalina Island with the least amount of effort, this is the ride to do. Over 17 miles, you will have climbed about 1700 feet and you’ll have panoramic ocean views for most of the ride. This ride can easily done as a day trip leaving Newport at 9AM and returning at 4:30PM.

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Avalon Vista Loop

The Avalon Vista loop is the shortest outback ride you can do at Catalina Island. It begins with a boat ride leaving Newport Beach at 9AM and ends upon return to Newport around 6PM. The ride itself isn’t terribly hard, but because of time constraints must be done at a 6 MPH pace to get back to the boat on time.

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Catalina Island Mountain Biking

Catalina Island is located about 22 miles off the coast of Southern California. Most people only visit the small town of Avalon, which is tiny compared to the rest of the island, especially at 1,500′ above it!

Catalina Island offers 75 square miles of open terrain where you’ll be lucky to spot many others on bikes.

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