Catalina Island Mountain Biking

Catalina Island is located about 22 miles off the coast of Southern California. Most people only visit the small town of Avalon, which is tiny compared to the rest of the island, especially at 1,500′ above it!

Catalina Island offers 75 square miles of open terrain where you’ll be lucky to spot many others on bikes. The operator of XEN MTB knows this island well, and will provide a tour like nothing else you’ve seen before.


All of the rides outside of Avalon are fire roads, but the views and the adventure of riding on the only island near Southern California you’re allowed to ride makes up for the lack of single tracks. Have you ever seen a bison on one of your rides? Well on Catalina Island, you might ride through a herd of them! If you’re really lucky you might even see a bald eagle soaring overhead!

Bison on Catalina Island Mountain Bike Ride

Bison on Catalina Island Mountain Bike Ride

To cover the most miles possible, you can start with a shuttle ride up to the airport, cruise through middle island and then onto the ridge lines around Avalon. Or if you want a big climb you can pedal yourself up and around those same ridge lines.

All of these rides can be done as single day trips. You could even combine riding with a camping adventure. Or you could stay in style for the weekend in one of Avalon’s beautiful hotels.

Of course, getting to Avalon is your first task. You could travel like most people do via one of the comfy boats that leave from Newport Beach, Dana Point, Long Beach or San Pedro. If you don’t like boats, you can book a helicopter ride and be there in 15 minutes. There’s even a few plane charters that service the island.

Whatever your preference, XEN MTB will help you plan out a mountain biking adventure on Catalina Island that you won’t soon forget.

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Mark Warrick on Vista Ridge Above Avalon, Catalina Island

Mark Warrick on Vista Ridge Above Avalon, Catalina Island