Once a ride is booked and paid, it is very rare for that ride to be cancelled. However, XEN MTB reserves the right to cancel any ride for any reason. Should XEN MTB cancel a ride on which you have a confirmed and paid reservation, XEN MTB will offer to refund all monies paid by you or apply those funds to a future ride.

XEN MTB is not responsible for any costs associated with a ride cancellation. That is why it’s important for you to buy the “Cancel for any Reason” rider with your Travel Insurance Policy.


Weekday rides (Monday through Friday) require more planning and often have a greater financial impact if canceled.  Therefore, weekday rides are generally non-refundable with exception of ‘ACTS OF GOD’ and OTHER ISSUES.  However, if you provide at least 7 days notice for any weekday booking that you intend to cancel, XEN MTB promises to repay your booking fee minus any non-refundable expenses already incurred.  For example, if XEN MTB had to rent a vehicle for your trip or book a shuttle for you, the 3rd party fees that have already paid or have been obliged to pay by XEN MTB would not be refunded to you.


Circumstances beyond the immediate control of XEN MTB may lead to a ride cancellation. They include, but are not limited to fires, road closures, area closures, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, political unrest, or other similar events that may affect our ability to conduct a safe and enjoyable ride.

  • If the ride can go ahead without undue risk to XEN MTB clients’ safety, then the ride will go ahead and if the customer decides to cancel, then that is treated as a client cancellation.
  • No refunds are issued for no-shows.
  • No partial credits are given for anyone in your group that decides they don’t want to or cannot attend.
  • Your safety is the number one concern of XEN MTB. If the ride leader feels it would be unsafe to run a ride as scheduled, then the ride is cancelled by XEN MTB. XEN MTB will offer to reschedule the same ride, issue a full refund, or offer a full credit to use towards any other ride of the same value.


Although you may have paid for a bundle of rides or a multi-day trip in one lump sum, each service is billable and performed individually.  Once you have attended a ride, it is not refundable for any reason whatsoever.  If you wish to cancel any remaining rides you have paid for, XEN MTB will attempt to resolve any issues by issuing a partial refund minus actual costs incurred by XEN MTB.  Some fees may not be refundable, such as fees XEN MTB has paid out of pocket for 3rd party services.  You agree that any disputes arising from line items do not create a reason to charge back the entire amount paid.


Gift certificates and rides you purchase for someone other than yourself are non-refundable.


You agree that you will not initiate a chargeback with your credit card company for any reason.  You agree that if you cause a chargeback to happen with your credit card company, you will be responsible for a $300 administrative fee.  Just as XEN MTB has a duty to act in good faith, so do you.


If you or any of your riding partners need to cancel, you may give the spot to somebody else for the same trip at the same scheduled time. You simply need to contact XEN MTB to update the guest list.

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