Chiquito Trail via Blue Jay Campground

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The Chiquito Trail may seem like a short route down from Blue Jay campground, but don’t let the mileage fool you. And don’t think that just because this a shuttle ride that it’s going to be an easy downhill ride. It’s not! This trail has some of the most Advanced technical features of the entire area. XEN MTB provides guided mountain biking tours down the Chiquito trail for Advanced and Expert level riders.

If you still think this isn’t enough, then consider adding in the Upper Loop and Viejo Tie.

This ride requires a shuttle to Blue Jay campground. XEN MTB can carry 4 bikes and their owners up to the top and safely guide riders down this Advanced trail system.

Blue Jay Campground
Park outside the campground for access to the San Juan and Chiquito trails. A Forest Adventure pass is required.
Chiquito Trail Parking
Park across from the candy store. A Forest Adventure pass is required.

Chiquito Trail Elevation Profile

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