Peters Canyon

Peters Canyon is a very popular area for hikers, runners, dog walkers, stroller pushers and yes, even mountain bikers. Being a “neighborhood” park, you can expect to see all of the aforementioned during any given visit to this park.

The park features a blend of fire roads, single tracks and double tracks with a variety of easy and difficult climbs making this a great area to hone your skills without having to travel far or be far from your car.  Beginner riders can expect to push their bikes up some of the climbs. Even experienced riders will be challenged on some of the climbs like “BIG RED”, a short climb with up to a 30% grade. Let’s see how far you can get up that climb without stopping or putting your foot down!   Although this ride is short, it will get your heart moving.


Big Red

Ride Stats

Min. Time
Max. Time
7 1 2 Beginner
% Singletrack % Doubletrack % Rideable % Unpaved
10 30 90 70
Total Ascent
Starting Elevation
Max. Elevation
Best Season
To Ride
745 311 696 Spring

The “Canyon Fire 2” devastated this area back in 2017, so it looks nothing like the photo below. The trees survived, but most of the shrubs did not.  Your best shot at seeing anything green in this area would be to visit in the spring.

The Peters Canyon area once looked like this. Not anymore thanks to the Canyon Fire 2.

More Photos of Peters Canyon

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