Chantry to Mt Zion Loop

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The Chantry Flats / Mt. Zion / Gabrielino trail loop is not for people who are afraid of heights nor those who don’t enjoy hiking. While most of this route is rideable, the last mile and a half to Mt Zion is hardly worth the effort. It’s better to just push the bike up and save your energy for the great downhill to come. The route is almost entirely single track with a good blend of exposed cliff sides, water crossings, rock gardens, and some really sweet, fast and smooth sections. A wrong turn in this area could lead to a very long day. The canyons are deep and there’s no cell phone service in most areas of this ride. XEN MTB can guide you through these canyons safely and let you know when it’s OK to ease off the brakes and enjoy the awesome single tracks.

Ride Stats

Min. Time
Max. Time
13 4 5 Advanced
% Singletrack % Doubletrack % Rideable % Unpaved
70 20 70 90
Total Ascent
Starting Elevation
Max. Elevation
Best Season
To Ride
2422 2070 3492 Fall


Chantry Flats to Mt Zion Clockwise Elevation Profile

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