Palm Canyon EPIC

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If you only have time for one EPIC ride in Southern California, and the weather is cool, then the Palm Canyon EPIC is the only thing you need to ride. It requires a shuttle to the top which we usually coordinate ourselves. The ride itself is challenging, exhausting, exciting, and dangerous. You’ll navigate through cactus, on cliff edges, through rock gardens and sandy washes, and through the unforgiving desert that makes this ride so awesome. There’s just nothing else like it around the Southern California area.

XEN MTB will help guide you through this dangerous part of the California desert safely so that you don’t end up like THIS GUY, but you need to be prepared. Your safety and that of everyone with you relies upon you being prepared. Flat tires are extremely common for those who don’t have tubeless tires or slime tubes, and for that reason, nobody will be allowed to do this ride without them. Also, you must carry at least 4 liters of water, and even more when temps exceed 75 degrees, in addition to all your food, tools, tubes and essential spare parts. In return for your preparedness, you’ll enjoy a ride that you can check off your bucket list of most EPIC routes in the world!

Pinyon Flats to the Goat Trails (Traditional Route)

Traditional Palm Canyon EPIC Route Elevation Profile

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