San Juan Capistrano Hills

The San Juan Capistrano Hills are a blend of single tracks, double tracks and fire roads that wind above the hills of San Jan Capistrano. Many of these trails are dead ends, as such, it’s difficult to piece together loops in the area without the experience of actually riding those areas. To make navigating these hills more complicated, the area south of Camino Las Ramblas is in the city of San Clemente. Also, there are a number of unsanctioned trails in the area which aren’t on either city’s official maps.

XEN MTB can show you around these beautiful hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean while maximizing your enjoyment of both city’s trails and minimizing the risk of entering unsanctioned areas.

Ride Stats

Min. Time
Max. Time
8 1.5 2.5 Strong Beginner
% Singletrack % Doubletrack % Rideable % Unpaved
40 20 90 80
Total Ascent
Starting Elevation
Max. Elevation
Best Season
To Ride
1602 566 854 Spring

San Juan Capistrano Hills

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