XEN MTB plans your trips according to your physical abilities and experiential desires. Based on your expectations, recommendations about what’s possible and practical will be explained. You’ll be provided with detailed maps and instructions about each ride. All you need to do is show up!

Small, Private Groups

You choose who you want to ride with you. This ensures that you know the abilities and personalities of the people enjoying the experience with you. It also guarantees your privacy. A record of your trips won’t be posted online nor any photos taken during your ride.

Speaking of Photos…

If you happen to want photos of your journey, XEN MTB has many years of experience with trail photography. You won’t be charged extra for great photos that you can share with your friends and loved ones. Some people even setup their journeys as “photo shoots” just to get a killer shot for the wall! Check out the photo gallery for samples.

No “Chase the Rabbit” Games

When you ride with XEN MTB, it’s not a race and no records are going to be broken! Your guide will stick with you for the entire ride. Frequent stops for photos, rest, etc. are encouraged. It’s the journey that counts, not the destination!


Riding alone in an unknown territory, or even a known one in a remote area without an experienced guide, is plain and simply: dangerous. When you ride with XEN MTB, you can rest assured that somebody will be there to get the help you need and contact any loved ones to keep them aware of the situation. By keeping the group size private and small, there’s less chances for things going wrong. We start as a group and finish as a group with frequent stops for regrouping and rest.

Trail Knowledge

XEN MTB has over 15 years of experience riding the trails in Southern California. The ride leader, Mark Warrick, has led over 1,000 mountain biking trips during this time. Along the way, XEN MTB can point out historical features and provide stories about the areas we ride. And while there are dozens more regional parks and other areas to ride, XEN MTB showcases only the best rides.

It’s Your Day!

XEN MTB stives to make your experience a “Zen-Like” one. You need not select from the list of great trails if you have other ideas in mind. Whether you want a leisurely scenic cross country ride or an adrenaline pumping downhill run on Mt. Wilson, XEN MTB is here to serve you!

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