Santiago Oaks

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Santiago Oaks Regional Park and adjacent Irvine Regional Park are a couple areas within a broader region of open spaces on the border of residential areas. Passing through both parks is the Santiago Creek which is fed from the nearby Santa Ana mountain range which is typically dry most of the year.

The dirt in this area is a sort of soft clay-like material covering sandstone deposited millions of years ago when this area was coastal. On damp days, the dirt provides great traction. On dry days the dirt may be a little slippery in areas. This area is usually closed for three days following any measurable amount of rain.

Upper areas of the parks have no trees. Instead you’ll find shrubs consistent with the coastal areas of Orange County. In the lower areas you’ll find some Oak trees and Sycamore trees providing some shade and interesting single track routes through them.

Santiago Oaks trails are mostly smooth with great bank turns making them very interesting and fun rides on the way down and totally climbable on the way up. Optionally, more experienced riders can try the more chunky lines. You’ll also get some nice panoramic views of Orange County as well at the top.

These rides are suitable for strong beginners and with options to extend, will keep even the best riders entertained.

Ride Stats

Min. Time
Max. Time
11 2.5 3.5 Strong Beginner
% Singletrack % Doubletrack % Rideable % Unpaved
30 70 100 95
Total Ascent
Starting Elevation
Max. Elevation
Best Season
To Ride
1629 554 1138 Any

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