Chilao Area to Arcadia

This ride requires a drop off near the Angelus Christian Camp deep within the Angelus National Forest. It is a 26 mile all-day adventure with about 3,300′ of varied terrain including single tracks, fire roads and some pavement sections. It is truly an EPIC ride by any standards, and usually takes about six and a half hours to complete, not including the drive up.

The route starts by following the Silver Mocassin Trail which runs through the Chilao Campground and Charlton Flats picnic area. After crossing over the Angelus Crest Highway, the trail descends sharply down to the Rincon Redbox trail. From there we have a steady climb up a fire road for several miles to Newcomb’s pass. Much of the rest of the way down to the bottom of the Chantry Flats area is technical single track, hugging cliff edges along the way. We pass by the Sturtevant Camp and numerous water crossings as we get deeper into the canyon.

At about the 22 mile marker of our ride, the dirt ends and we climb out of the canyon on a short and steep fire road followed by a fast paved descent back to the car.

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