2020 Southern California Fires

Update 3/31/2021

Most riding areas of the Angeles National Forest remain closed through April 1, 2022 pursuant to Forest Order No. 05-01-21-03.  See the related map of the Bobcat Fire closure areas.

Most other Southern California forest areas, parks, etc. are open.

Update December 6,2020

The fire activity for this past week seems to be under control and air quality has improved  XEN MTB is taking reservations again in Orange County.

Update December 3, 2020

In an abundance of caution due to smoke, fire activity and high wind activity this weekend, there will be NO RIDES scheduled in the Orange County area until further notice.

The Bond Fire started in Silverado Canyon last night.  This is a developing situation which appears to have a direct impact upon several rides that XEN MTB offers including Santiago Truck Trail, O’Neil Park, Whiting Ranch, Maple Springs and possibly others.   The map below is a prediction model published by the Orange County Fire Authority as of 3AM.

In Corona, just outside the Chino Hills State Park area that burned in October, the Airport Fire is currently not a threat to any riding areas, but is generating plenty of smoke to make riding conditions unhealthy in Northern Orange County.  


Update November 23, 2020

OC PARKS announced today that Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park has reopened with modifications.  With this reopening, the majority of areas that XEN MTB serves in the Orange County area are open for mountain biking.  More info here: https://www.ocgov.com/news/displaynews?NewsID=7128&TargetID=13,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,65,66,67,70,68,69,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78


Update November 10, 2020

Chino  Hills State Park announced today that they are reopening the park to normal use with some area restrictions today.  None of those restrictions affect rides that XEN MTB offers.   Source: http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=648

Update October 27, 2020

Two new fires broke out yesterday within Orange County which likely lead to lengthy closures of some parks.

The Silverado Fire started in Santiago Canyon, went through Limestone canyon and over Loma Ridge, threatening homes in Irvine, Lake Forest and Foothill Ranch.  Limestone Canyon was already a protected habitat.  I see no re-opening for that area in the foreseeable future.  Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park, to the south of Limestone Canyon, is in the direct path of the fire.  It likely won’t reopen for a while and if it burns, not for years.  If the wind turns, the fire will threaten nearby Irvine Regional Park and Santiago Oaks Regional Park.


Silverado Fire view from Santiago Peak 10-27-2020 @ 11:35AM

The Blue Ridge fire started near the Green River exit off the 91 freeway.  It quickly proceeded into Chino Hills State Park, threatening homes in Yorba Linda.  That fire has caused an immediate shutdown of the entire park and adjacent Carbon Canyon Regional Park.  The path of that fire would seem to indicate that all rides in that area will likely be shut down for at least a year.

Most parks in Orange County are currently closed due to high winds and hazardous fire conditions.


Evacuations zones as of Tuesday, October 27th in the morning.


Interactive map of the heat zones within the fire perimeter.


Update October 20, 2020

The Cannell Plunge in the Sequoia National Forest is now open! 

On a sad note, according to updated fire order 05-01-20-08, many of the rides in the Angeles National Forest will remain closed until 2022.  

Update October 9, 2020

Trails have reopened with some exceptions in the following areas:

Air quality continues to improve as the remaining fires are contained.  We recommend that you view the air quality maps if you have any pre-existing health conditions (i.e. asthma) which could be made worse by poor air quality .

Update October 2, 2020

Through Regional Order No. 20-20, closures have been extended for a week in all of the following forest areas:

a. Angeles National Forest
b. Cleveland National Forest
c. Los Padres National Forest
d. San Bernardino National Forest

Ongoing closures are being re-evaluated frequently.  For now, it is prudent to assume that all national forest areas in Southern California will remain closed until further notice.   If these closures are anything like they’ve been in the past, most areas that weren’t directly affected by fire are likely to re-open as soon as the other active fires in Southern California are no longer active fires.

Air quality remains a health risk to some as weather systems push particulates in the air around the basin.

Original Post: September 16, 2020

Several fires in Southern California have caused a temporary closure of all national forest districts in California.  In Southern California that includes the following areas in which XEN MTB offers tours: Sequoia National Forest, Los Padres National Forest, Angeles National Forest, San Bernardino National Forest, and Cleveland National Forest

Some areas, such as the Angeles Forest that was hit hard by the Bobcat Fire, may not reopen for several years.  Additionally, due to the smoke that has covered the area and traveled across the United States, it is presently unhealthy for many individuals to ride at all. 




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