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Interested in booking a ride?

Thank you for considering XEN MTB for your Southern California mountain biking adventure!  If you just have a quick question, you can use the contact form instead.

Please fill out this rider profile as best as possible.  Mark Warrick will contact you to discuss ride options with you based on your availability, experience, abilities, and experiential desires.

No Minors!
XEN MTB does not allow minor children to ride, even if accompanied with their parent(s). Sorry!

 XEN MTB does not call international numbers. 

Group Size Limit
XEN MTB does not do large group rides.
The limit is four people, including yourself.

Is Your Group Evenly Matched Riders?
XEN MTB caters to riders of all levels and has many years of experience in providing tours that are suitable to any rider level. With that said, it’s best to ride with others who are at approximately your same level.

XEN MTB won’t take a newbie or beginners on advanced or EPIC rides.  Not only is that unsafe, but it won’t be enjoyable for everyone.

If you have people who are perhaps not as fit as others but all have similar skills, that’s OK.

It’s your ride. Enjoy it!

Communication is Important!
If you have people in your riding group that do not speak English, you must be able to communicate instructions quickly and be in verbal contact range with them at all times.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance can cover losses if your trip is cancelled.

Read about cancellations.
Read about travel insurance.

Bike Rentals
XEN MTB does not rent bikes, but there are many shops around Southern California that do.

Click here for a list of shops that rent bikes.

XEN MTB generally does not provide transportation of people or bikes to rides. But under certain special circumstances and for a significant extra cost, exceptions can be made.

Upon submitting your information, Mark Warrick will contact you to discuss trip options with you.  Thank you for considering XEN MTB for your Southern California mountain biking adventure!

Southern California Guided Mountain Bike Tours

XEN MTB Guided Southern California Mountain Bike ides

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SPOT Has Your Back

When you ride with XEN MTB, you're protected with the SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger.

Read About It

Live Tracking

Call Sign: KM6ZPO

Two-way communications on the trail – another way XEN MTB keeps you safe.  Read more.