What do I need to bring?

You’ll need to bring a mountain bike in good working order suitable for the ride you’re doing. If you need a rental bike, click here for a list of shops around Southern California that rent mountain bikes. It is recommended that you have your bike checked out at a local bike shop before your ride to be sure it’s in good mechanical condition. You should also be carrying the following items with you.


  • Your driver’s license, passport or other official identification.
  • Your health and travel insurance information.
  • A note in your wallet that includes your blood type, any allergies, any medications you take, and a list of emergency contacts.


  • Bring any prescription medications you take with you and let your guide know before the trip about them. For example, if your are diabetic or allergic to bees you should advise the guide on what to do if you’re unable to self-administer your medication.


  • A bike helmet (required.)
  • Gloves (full finger recommended)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (oil-free, scent-free recommended)
  • Elbow and knee pads for advanced rides.

Food and Hydratrion

  • A hydration pack with a three-liter capacity at a minimum.
  • A water bottle with a hydration mix.
  • Food and snacks.


  • A map of the area you are riding.
  • A GPS computer or cell phone with a navigational program loaded. (NOTE: Data services like Strava may not provide real-time topographical data in the wilderness, so you should get a program that enables to download topo data before the ride and which doesn’t rely upon a data connection.)

Tools for ALL Rides

  • Tire irons
  • Pump
  • Allen wrenches for every bolt on your bike
  • Tork hex wrenches for every bolt on your bike (i.e. the disc brakes)
  • Spoke wrench(s)
  • Screwdrivers (both Phillips and Flathead – multiple sizes)
  • Chain breaker
  • Pliers / vice grips
  • Crescent wrench
  • A knife / saw
  • Long zip ties (at least one foot long)
  • Duct tape (best) or electrical tape (OK)
  • Chain lube

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Spare Parts for ALL Rides

  • Tubes (two that fit your rims – even if you have tubeless tires)
  • Quick chain links (specific to your type of chain)
  • Derailleur hanger

Spare Parts for Long / Remote Rides

  • Tube patch kit (adhesive recommended)
  • Tube slime
  • Brake pads
  • Brake cables (front and rear)
  • Derailleur cables (front and rear)
  • Rear derailleur
  • Rim skewers (front and rear)
  • Seat post clamp and skewer
  • Spare bolts for every part on your bike
  • Spare clips / bolts for your clip-in shoes
  • Cleaning brush
  • Shock pump
  • Extra set of pedals

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First Aid for Remote Mountain Bike Rides

  • Your EPI pen, if you need one and have one
  • Large gauze pads
  • Israeli bandage
  • Compression bandage
  • 36″ Sam Splint
  • Steri-strips
  • Tounge depressors
  • Athletic tape
  • Tweezers
  • QuikClot
  • Protective gloves
  • A small bag of salt
  • Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and Aspirin
  • Benadryl or Diphenhydramine
  • Ammonia inhalant
  • Hydrogen peroxide

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