Spot Satellite GPS Messenger

Your safety is the number one priority when you ride with XEN MTB, and that’s why we carry the Spot Satellite GPS Messenger.


You’re Covered with Spot

Your friends and family will know that when you need help, even where there’s no cell phone service, you’re going to get it. Once the SPOT SOS button is pressed, our location is sent to GPS satellites along with our coordinates. And it continues to send our location until help arrives. Additionally, your loved ones can be contacted via email, text and phone to be made aware of your distress signal.

Live Tracking

XEN MTB will provides live tracking where your loved ones can see your location in near real time (approximately 10 minute automatic satellite ping attempts en route). In addition to the automatic track points, they’ll see details of any custom GPS messages we send. Up to three types of messages can be pre-programmed and sent to your loved ones via SMS text and/or email while we’re in route. So for example, if you know it’s going to take 4 hours to get from point A to point B, you can let your loved ones know that you should be checking in at point A and point B by certain times.

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But Wait, That’s Not All!

Mark Warrick is also a licensed ham radio operator. That means he can have two-way communications with people who can help while you’re out in the great outdoors. Read more about that here.

Peace of Mind

It’s just one of many reasons to ride with XEN MTB.

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