EPIC Cross-Country Downhill Rides Mega Pack




A “Cross-Country Downhill” ride is a mostly downhill ride, but with plenty of climbing and distance. In that regard, it’s not a “true downhill” ride. You will need a cross-country or all-mountain bike to do these rides. Downhill-specific mountain bikes will not be good for these rides.

You need to be in excellent shape and fully self-sufficient to do these rides. They are typically all-day adventures that involve a considerable amount of driving. These rides are recommended only for very advanced riders with many years of off-the-grid riding experience. This deal includes your shuttle fees. All you need to do is show up with your bike and gear.

Your mega pack of EPIC shuttle-assisted rides includes the following trails:

The San Juan Trail
Anything in the Mount Wilson Area
Laguna Meadows and Noble Canyon
Palm Canyon
Santa Ana River Trail
The Cannell Trail
Mt Pinos

Mountain biking tours are generally held on the weekends and subject to shuttle availability, closures and weather restrictions. Some exceptions can be made for mid-week tours. Due to the difficulty and locations of these rides, there must be at least one rest / travel day between each ride.

XEN MTB reserves the right to bring a trail sweep along to assist with these rides at no extra cost to you.

The Cannell Trail and Mt Pinos are closed during the winter when snow covers the trail and roads. Palm Canyon should not be ridden anytime temperatures exceed 80 degrees in Palm Springs.

If purchasing this mega pack as a gift, enter the recipient’s name in the checkout notes field. XEN MTB will follow up with you to schedule the actual tour dates.

Costs are calculated as follows:

Guiding assistance: $1,050 (for all rides)
Fuel: $700 (for all rides)
Shuttle Fees: $700 (per person for all rides)
Total: $2,450 (one person)
Add one person (+$700): $3,150
Add two people: (+$1,400): $3,850
Add three people: (+$2,100): $4,550

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