Some of my buddies that want to ride with me are faster / slower than me. Is that OK?

It’s highly recommended that you ride with people who have equal skills and endurance. But as long as your buddies don’t mind, if some people want to push hard, your guide will advise you where it’s safe to sprint ahead to the next stopping point.

Your guide will always stay with the slowest person in the group.

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Is anybody other than the XEN MTB guide joining us?

If you don’t mind, it’s a good idea to bring a trail “sweep” along with us (a person who will always stay at the back). But that’s up to you. There’s no extra charge for bringing a trail sweep with us.

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Will you provide first aid if I’m hurt?

Your ride leader is not an emergency medical technician and can only render basic first aid assistance. If you need more than basic first aid, your ride leader will make sure you get the help you need from trained professionals.

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Am I going to be left behind?

We ride as a group and stick together for safety and camaraderie. It’s just more fun that way! In the 10 years that your ride leader has been doing tours, nobody has ever been left behind. Of course, as a courtesy, please don’t leave the leader too far behind! We stop at every trail intersection to make sure people don’t get lost,

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I’m slow. Is that OK?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine! Your guide is slow too. But just be sure your buddies are OK with that! And remember, there’s no shame in walking. But that said, you shouldn’t try a ride that you know you’re not physically or technically able to do. When you contact XEN MTB,

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Can you fix my bike if it breaks down?

You are expected to be able to work on your own bike and have all the tools and supplies you need with you on the ride. That said, in an emergency, your guide can assist with most necessary trail repairs like flat tires, broken chains and even some catastrophic failures.

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